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Our Longtime Pals In The Loire - The Barbous

Domaine des Corbillières Our Pals Since 1995!

A lot has changed since 1995, but one thing hasn't changed: TWH continues to offer the wines from Véronique and Dominique Barbou's Domaine des Corbillières. That's a long time, though there are several good reasons this relationship has lasted as long as it has - good people, good growers, fine wines, and sensible pricing. They make several cuvées, including a sparkler; though we traditionally carry their Touraine Sauvignon (Blanc), Touraine Les Demoiselles (Rouge), and Rosé.

The domaine was purchased by Dominique's great-grandfather Fabel in 1923, and the current duo in charge represent the fourth generation making the wines in Touraine, right in the heart of the Loire Valley. Rumor has it that is was Fabel who first planted Sauvignon Blanc in Touraine by planting one vine and noticing how well it took to the terroir! The rest, as they say, is history. Their Touraine Sauvignon is consistent, if anything. Sauvignon Blanc has a tendency to sometimes be on the lean, less-than-ripe grassy side, or sometimes it can be concentrated, pungent, and, ahem, feline. Vintage after vintage, the Touraine Sauvignon from Corbillières is perfectly ripe, complex, and harmonious. The 2017 is another hit with aromas of citrus blossoms and gooseberry. The palate is medium-bodied with a one-two lemon-lime combo. The finish is clean and uplifting. It may not be Sancerre (though it IS similar), but neither is the price! ($14.59 before case discount)

For their 2015 Touraine Les Demoiselles (Bridesmaids), the blend is 30% Cabernet Franc, 40% Pinot Noir, and 30% Côt (Malbec). The aromas clearly suggest that there is more Cab Franc than that, but there are some delightful ripe cherry and plum notes as well. The palate entry is soft and easy, and the mid-palate is elegant, round, and expressive. All in all it's a great blend, as all three grape varieties are present, both on the palate and in the bouquet. 2015 seems to have been a great vintage all over France. ($16.59 before case discount)

A winter arrival - the 2017 Touraine Rosé, made from Pinot Noir (2/3) and Pinot d'Aunis (1/3), is a happy go lucky Rosé. It's a nice pale salmon color, and aromatically, it's got plenty going on. There are hints of raspberries and roses, stones, and herbal notes. The palate has a little give, with the round, red fruit fanning wide in the mouth. It's dry and crisp, and it finishes that way with the floral/fruity notes in the background. It's been one of our most popular Rosé wines every vintage we've carried it. ($14.59 before case discount)

As you know, we're always out there looking for new wines and new producers (in fact, David has been in New York the past 3 days tasting wines from southern French growers seeking importation), but sometimes it's just comforting to curl up with one of the tried and true wines from a producer who, over many years, has earned their solid reputation

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